( Plan of SWM )

Detailed Action Plan of SWM
01 Name of the City/Town and state Fatehpur
02 ULB Population 193193
03 Area of ULB in sq. kilometers 57
04 Name of Officer Meera Singh
Mobile No. 8004642454
E-mail nagarpalikafatehpur@gmail.com
05 Number of total households in the ULB 35993
06 Quantity of solid waste Generated by Residential/Commercial Area 55 TPO
Quantity of solid waste collected per day 55 TPO
Quantity of Segregated waste collected per day 0
07 Segregation and storage of waste at source Partjally
Domestic/Commercial/Institutional bins, if yes Yes,
08 Percentage of solid waste collected Door to Door 67.64%
09 Whether door to door collection (020) is being done in the all wards Yes
10 If Yes
11 No. of household covered in 02D collection of waste 22214
12 No. of non-residential premise including commecial Establishments, hotel, restaurants, educationai Institutions/office etc covered 178
13 Percentage of residential and non-residential provisos convert in door to door collection through
Motorized vehicle
Tata Magic 2
Tractor Trollov 1
Dumper 4
Vacuum loader 1
Containerized tricycle handcraft Rickshaw Trolley (B/G) 3
14 Sweeping of streets Yes
15 Frequency of street sweepings and percentage of population covered in all ward Frequency Daily Alternate Twice a week Occasionally
100% Yes
Tools used Tata Magic, tractor trolley, Dumper, push Card, tri-cycle
Manual sweeping 100%
Mechanical sweeping NA
16 Secondary Waste storage facilities No
17 No. of Bins in all ward 240 (Pair of green and blue)
18 Whether storage depots have facility for storage of segregated waste in green and blue bins No. of green bins- 120
No. of blue bins- 120
19 Frequency of transportation of waste Frequency of waste transported- 100% Daily-Yes
20 Quantity of waste transported each day 55
21 Waste Treatment Technologies used Solid Waste Management Plant
22 Whether solid waste processed N/A
23 If yes, Quantity of waste processed N/A
24 Whether treatments is done by local body or through a agency Currently not in use
25 Land Currently Utilized for waste processing yes
26 Ward Map with route plan Attached
27 Requirement of vehicle Tractor Trolley Dumper Tata Magic Vacuum Loader Currently primary sweeping, Door to Door collection of waste is done through Third party agency but ULB providing collection and transportation
5 4 4 4
28 MRF Land Identification NA
29 Identification of Schools, Institutes, BWG, Market, Office Schools Institutes/Colleges BWG Market Govt Offices Private Offices
58 04 0 16 70 18
30 On Site composting compliance NA
31 Primary Point Mentioned in Ward Map/Route Map
32 Secondary Point Mentioned in Ward Map/Route Map
33 Waste details List Attached
34 Scheduled plan for IEC and CB IEC Activities will cover following components: Methods of IEC activities to be adopted Schedule Plan for Capacity Building
Open defecation Nukkad Natak Target approx 150 person per program, wall writing and wall painting. Training will be imported to all sanitation staff under
Open Urination Wall painting: At different places of city Counseling to all SBM Staff and Ward committee Members
Source segregation Hoarding/Banner: Target to cover whole town at a distance of 5O0-6OOmtr Ward wise Camps
Cleanliness Swachhta Rallys: In Schools, Hospitals and other public places
Swachh Munch School competition, painting, essay writing, products from waste.
Swatch APP Promotion through Hoarding, ward campaign.

Ward Wise Route Map

This district is situated between two important cities Allahabad, which is also known as "Prayag", and Kanpur of state Uttar Pradesh . This is well connected with those cities by train route and by road also . The distance from Allahabad is 117 Km and from Kanpur is 76 Km by railway . The north boundry of the district is limited by river Ganga and southern is ended with river Yamuna .
Address : Nagar Palika Parishad,
  G T Road, Near Sadar Hospital,
  Phone : 05180 224412
  Email : nagarpalikafatehpur@gmail.com
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