License Information

As per the govt. order , 2003, Licenses are being issued free of cost (License fee is totally left) to the private rickshawwala's. The list of such license holders is then send to District Town Development Agency so as to have free life insurance.

The licenses are issued even for loudspeakers to keep the city free from sound pollution and the permission to play loudspeakers is granted by District Magistrate. To follow the instructions given by the Supreme Court, a inspection programme is started by the team constituted by the workers of UP Pollution Control Board and Workers of the department. This team has the right to cease the loudspeakers, which produce a sound more than standardized 40 decival and they can also charge penalty from them. Furthermore the penalized is presented in Court and action is taken against him.

License Department also looks after the advertisement related works. But as per the order passed as the result of the application no. 2547/ 2005, filed in public welfare by Anand Mohan Vs Union Bank Of India , in High Court, advertising through poster, placard, board, hoarding at chauraha, roads, tracks, junction, public places are completely banned & cases are being filed in the court against those who disobey this order.

This district is situated between two important cities Allahabad, which is also known as "Prayag", and Kanpur of state Uttar Pradesh . This is well connected with those cities by train route and by road also . The distance from Allahabad is 117 Km and from Kanpur is 76 Km by railway . The north boundry of the district is limited by river Ganga and southern is ended with river Yamuna .
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